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12-Nov-2017 02:25

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Non-virgins offer this up as an objection because they’ve been in a situation where they sucked and the other person didn’t (due to having more sexual experience)…and they felt inadequate and less desirable for it.When a non-virgin thinks about this objection, they are picturing you marrying somebody and then awkwardly struggling to perform while the other person is mildly frustrated, waiting on you to “catch up”, and meanwhile comparing you to all the people before you who were way better.One day, while out for coffee by yourself, a devastatingly attractive stranger starts flirting with you. According to what I’ve studied of Relationship Science (Psychology applied to relationships), the answer to this question depends on how satisfied you are with your marriage.If you’re unsatisfied with your marriage, you might have a strong desire to have a sexual experience with that attractive stranger.I should also note (thanks to Ben in the comments for pointing this out) that it is normal to be in a relationship and occasionally look at other people in a sexual way, but not to the extent that people who make this “You’ll want to experience sex with other people.” argument suggest.They argue that you’re going to have this deep, nagging pull towards sexual variety that will corrode your current relationship, unless you exorcise that demon earlier in life through lots of pre-marital sexual experiences. Here’s an example: Let’s say you’ve been married for ten years.” Or “What about that chapter of the bible where there’s all that sex happening?

Lack of lifetime sexual variety won’t make you unsatisfied, but being unsatisfied will probably make you start longing for sexual variety (hope that makes sense; if not leave me a comment).You’ll be locked-in to the relationship and totally unfulfilled! In many ways, attitude towards sex (waiting or not) can be a quality like “sense of humor”: everybody is slightly different and a mismatch can really eat away at a relationship if not addressed, just like those non-waiting people told you that it can. You may think that because your girl/guy is enthusiastic and open in conversation that they’re going to be the same way in the bedroom.That is not always the case, especially when it comes to people with little sexual experience.Do you remember the first bicycle you had when you were a kid?

Do you remember how well you learned to ride that thing?

They’re argument is always something like: “Trust me, sex is like a whole new experience.

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