The apprentice online dating task

30-Oct-2017 01:27

Neil and Francesca on Evolve were happy, cooperative and finishing each others sentences, like a new couple in love.While Leah and Alex were bickering, not listening to each other and clearly didn’t want to be in each others company, like a married couple who have just realised they’ve made a huge mistake.Note: During the 2-hour final, the show was shared with The Apprentice: You're Hired, and as a result the figures are lower than usual.The first hour was the main show whereas the second hour was You're Hired.Although a fantastic idea, the problem was everyone seemed to think the over 50s were basically already dead.The market research didn’t help, and despite having worked with his fellow candidates for a while now, Jason forgot that people can sometimes be idiots.Their wacky TV ad didn’t quite match their super-serious/dull website, and Alex’s acting was one of the most disturbing things we’ve ever had to watch, and will probably give us nightmares for weeks.When it came to actually filming the ads, the teams seemed to represent different stages of a relationship.

Their offer of the first month free seemed rather pointless after seeing that.Both concepts had weaknesses you could spot from space, and it’s never a good sign when a room of experts is laughing AT you, not WITH you.