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The 4 parameters are:- Rotation or Vector Mode- Vector Precision- Angle Precision- Number of Cordic Stages All designs arithmetic core : No License: Description Cores are generated from Confluence; a modern logic design language.

Confluence is a simple, yet highly expressive language that compiles into Verilog, VHDL, and C. The Fast Fourier Transform converts time or spacial information into the frequency domain and is one of the most popular DSP algorithms.

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Status- Complete version submittedarithmetic core h Bone Compliant: No License: LGPLDescription This IP implements the CAVLC parsing process in ITU-T H.264 (05/2003)Features- Compatible with ITU-T H.264 (05/2003), but it do not calculate n C and store Total Coeff,you need to add a n C_decoder outside this core.- New structure for run_before decoder, the core doesn't save Runs in flip-flops anddoesn't need the run_combine process, this feature reduces both cycle and resource.- this core has a simple interface- 9 cycles per cavlc block on average(including P frames)- Fully synchronous design, Fully synthesisable Status Documentation Synthesis results Pusarithmetic core e, FPGA proven, Specification done Wish Bone Compliant: No License: BSDIntroduction A cellular automata (CA) is a discrete model that consists of a grid (1D, 2D, 3D ) with objects called cells.

The operations included within this projecarithmetic core atus: Planning Additional info: Wish Bone Compliant: No License: LGPLDescription Gaussian Pseudo-random Number Generator is a fix-point entity implemented with VHDL, used for generating complex Gaussian pseudo-random numbers.