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Taking a final drag off her Sherman Black and Gold Cigarette, Mandy flipped the spent cigarette to the pavement. "Not as hot as you mama." the black teenager told Mandy stepping down to the sidewalk."Why don't we go for a ride in your wheels, I got something you might want to play with." Licking her lips suggestively Mandy hissed.A long shimmering thread of clear pre-cum clinging to the sheet. "Twelve inches Mrs Collins, my Mama measured me a month ago." the boy laughed flexing his hips making his cock dance. A long thread of pre-cum looping from her lip to the cumslit, Taking a long drag off her black cigarette, Mandy exhaled a ball of smoke toward the advancing, disgruntled nurse."Do you want me to put out my cigarette or stop masturbating his penis or both nurse?"Do you mind if I have a quick cum before I suck you off Tony my love? "Watch me cum sweetheart." Mandy placed the Nat Sherman between her full red lips, then reached down between her thighs and squeezed her clitoris between her thumb and index finger's, jacking off the large glans. "We have to keep housekeeping busy." Mandy added with a smirk. You're not like any girl I know." "So true darling." smiled Mandy walking to the side of Tony's bed.She watched the teenager's reaction to her masturbating in front of him, his broad smile and the tenting of the bed sheet betrayed his thoughts.. The thrill of seeing a woman make herself cum made his cock pulse under the sheet. She lit another of her long cigarettes, inhaling a mouthful of the smoke, then leaned over and pressed her mouth on his. So eager." Mandy thought inhaling another mouthful of smoke.

"This is my little girl." smiled Mandy pressing the tips of her two inch crimson red fingernails against the base of her bald mons, making her blood congested walnut sized clitoris stand up swollen and begging for attention. Mandy rubbed the cigarette filter across the big nugget, her hips lifting upward.. He was amazed at how much hot fluid dribbled over the edge of the chair cushion onto the hospital tile floor.. "We need a sign "Slippery When Wet." With a flick of her wrist, she dropped the gold filter tipped black cigarette into the pussy squirt puddles."Man oh Man that bitch got some big store bought titties." he swore under his breath studying Mandy's 36DD breasts that threatened to burst out of the plunging neckline of her red silk button up the front dress.Her cantaloupe sized melons swaying gently as she closed the car door with a nudge of her heart shaped ass. " Mandy said, noticing how the teenagers were staring at her from their perch on the Mount Clair Hospital steps, the breeze catching her plume of cigarette smoke.Looking up from her computer, the woman appraised Mandy's large breasts that stared at her a mere 12 inches from her face. Thought the LVN, distracted from her charting by the delicious bitch with a magnificent pair of boobs, asking questions. Please follow all hospital regulations." "Yes, madam. I always follow the rules darling." smiled Mandy touching her finger under the nurse's chin.

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"I'm up here nurse." Mandy chided the older beauty, looking into the nurse's green eyes, then turned on her spiked heels and walked away from the desk.

"I was feeling so bad that you broke your ankle cleaning my pool." Mandy opened her Ostrich skin handbag removing a pack of gold filter tipped Sherman Black and Gold cigarettes, lighting one with her small gold lighter. Last Saturday he had tripped over a large black dildo Mandy had left on the edge of the pool, breaking the ankle in two places.