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The RUC weight of the vehicle is the lesser of the: The RUC rates tell you how much you will need to pay depending on the permanent RUC weight of your vehicle.

This vehicle requires a valid Road User Charges (RUC) licence to legally be on the road.

If you run out, you run the risk of getting a fine.

All the revenue collected from Road User Charges goes into the National Land Transport Fund and the Regional Land Transport Fund. Find your nearest Branch If you own a diesel-powered car, ute, van or heavy vehicle you’ll need a distance licence.

If it does, then factor unpaid RUC fees into the sale price.

A new RUC can be purchased from any NZTA agent (for example VTNZ or NZ Post).

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Check to see if the odometer or hubometer exceeds the RUC.The NZ Transport Agency, as road user charges (RUC) collector, can issue assessments in the form of an invoice, for any unpaid RUC.An assessment is enforceable as a debt to the Crown.The cost of a RUC varies depending upon the type of vehicle, weight and intended load.

Contact any NZTA agent (for example VTNZ or NZ Post) to determine the outstanding amount.

If it does, then there are unpaid RUC fees that you will be liable to pay if you buy the vehicle.

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