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26-Aug-2017 21:01

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Despite the wonderful convenience of Pakamacs, I have my eyes on an olive green heavy latex rubber mac, from Weathervain, and this may be my next purchase..for thought...a rubber mac...rubber mac...

The comments are good, but the macs themselves would be even better.

For my part, I love attached hoods as they make the items so much more alluring.

They give the mac and the wearer a beautifully "chunky" appearance. My parents were rather strict when I was growing up, and one of their rules was that a pakamac would be my summer coat.

Both the shops used to carry a very extensive range. An excellent contribution from Plasticjiffymac, outlining the agonies and ecstasies of waterproof enthusiasm.

More and more I am going back to those early days of boy's plastic macs, and how I was so obsessed with them.

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However,such items do turn up regularly on e-bay,and they are almost invariably in excellent condition.

The colour was particularly striking, and was only equalled when Pakamac brought out their new range in 1977. So, there is another piece of waterproof trivia, and there will be more to come.

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