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Such an addition is unwarranted in a definition that should be purely descriptive.It is similar to the definition of science that deals with past events but excludes an Intelligent Designer.The origin of landforms in geomorphology is in such disarray that after 200 years, scientists cannot even provide a credible hypothesis for the geomorphology of southeastern England—an area where the science of geomorphology first developed.Geomorphologists still hope that someday they will be able to understand the origin of landforms by studying all these observable processes, of course thinking in strict uniformitarian terms.

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the study of the classification, description, nature, origin, processes, and development of present landforms and their relationships to underlying structures, and of the history of geologic changes as recorded by these surface features.” “Any physical, recognizable form or feature of the Earth’s surface, having a characteristic shape, and produced by natural causes; it includes major forms such as plain, plateau, and mountain, and minor forms such as hill, valley, slope, esker, and dune.” Other names for geomorphology are ‘physiography’ and ‘physical geography’.

If the naturalistic addition is to be always applied to the past, then how can archaeology be called a science, unless it explains all the objects and marking that they find as a result of natural processes?

When dealing with features formed in the past, we should always be open to the possibility of Intelligent Design.

Regardless of Davis’s hypothesis, a peneplain is really an erosion surface, a planation surface; peneplain means ‘nearly a plain’.

The formation of a flat planation surface supposedly would take much more time to form, possibly ten times as long, than a rolling erosion surface from a mountain range in the uniformitarian paradigm.Some of the great gravel bars from the Lake Missoula flood, for instance, along the Snake River Valley (figure 2), have a gently-sloping, nearly-flat surface.