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13-Aug-2017 12:23

For as rich as this fragrance is, it's also very mild, so it can applied a bit more liberally without fear of ruining anyone's day. An amazingly dirty patchouli that's being smothered to death in well, flowers and vanilla which leads me to the voting scale, it's incorrect.Vanilla should be followed by patchouli because there's a ton of it in here.a mausoleum is an above ground crypt where dead people are stored.I've finally nailed the 'weirdness' factor about this perfume after reading that review.Online shops offers: Fragrance 1 product for 17.54 USDFragrance UK 1 product for 18.53 uk 1 product for 18.70 GBPPerfume Click 1 product for 22.20 GBPFragrance 1 product for 24.29 USDView products...

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However, it is never boring, and at some points it reminds me to Obsession for women, which is far from the mild, restrained territory.

It smells strange like musty rot, stale air and maybe even an olfactory illusion of a rotting corpse drenched in flowers and vanilla, yumm.

This odor that Zino emits is disturbing and turns my stomach.

Obsession is the dominant queen of balls and galas from the evening into the night, and for the day, the remains of whatever unfolded the previous night, are lingering, mixing with the smell of soap and roses, brigthening everybody's day, in the romantic, dreamy Zino.

Dear all, I am so sad to see all this bad reviews...

Very easy to wear for both sexes, but it doesn't suit a casual attire, you better dress up a little to make your outfit match with Zino.