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TCR recognition of an MHC class I molecule-presented nonself-peptide or altered self-peptide induces CD8, 1991).

Subsequently, structures of various MHC class I allelic products in complex with various specific peptides have been reported.

Needle-like crystals [average dimensions of 20–30 µm (width) × 230–270 µm (length) × 10–15 µm (depth)] were grown by the sitting-drop vapour-diffusion method against a reservoir consisting of 20%( sodium/potassium phosphate (Molecular Dimensions PACT Premier condition No. A single-crystal was cryoprotected in 25% ethylene glycol and vitrified at 100 K.

A complete data set to 2.7 Å was collected at the Diamond Light Source, Oxfordshire, England on beamline I04 (beam diameter of 80–100 µm).

The architecture of A3–PLP45-53 is typical of all previous MHC class I structures (Fig. PLP45-53, a nonameric peptide, adopts a typical arched conformation within this groove with its N- and C-terminal residues bound in the A and F pockets, respectively (Fig. MHC residues implicated in binding PLP45-53 are illustrated in Fig.

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Polymorphisms in the residues lining the groove influence the preference that each MHC groove has for particular peptide motifs, defined as preferences for particular anchor residues whose side chains bind in specific pockets within the groove.

Notably, in contrast to HLA-A3, other members of the A3 superfamily (HLA-A11, HLA-A3301, HLA-A3101 and HLA-Aw*6801), which by definition share peptide-binding properties with HLA-A3, do not appear to be associated with MS (Harbo , 2003).