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Although some of the parts in the manga have skip and change the time order of the story in the manga,the change of order is confortable for us to watch..... Especially Kotoko (Miki), they way she portrays Kotoko is so natural, perhaps it is because she's around Kotoko's age and she has that bright and cheerful personality herself. The song that plays when Naoki finally realizes he loves Kotoko, during the rain kiss scene. It's an instrumental song, and I love it so much but no one knows the name of it! Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo I saw a Japanese best drama ♡. I love ITAZURA NA KISS: LOVE IN TOKYO ^o^ Oh my god love this drama! And then, the main male character just lets her go around behind him getting herself into messy situations and then he makes her look like a fool for it. Although the two main leads are not as good looking as other Jap actors/actresses, the story is great.

I really want to give thousand of like to thank you the team of this version and the husband of Miss Kaoru Tada who have help to direct this version . As for Naoki (Yuki), only the the 1996's Ita Kiss's Naoki can beat him. Japanese version of Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo is even better than it's the best anime and manga *^* I hope that Part II presents as soon as . How you doin Yuki ;) Does anyone know where kotoko's school supplies are from? this is a very good adaption of the manga......i really like the plot and the casting....drama exceeded my expectation because i thought the best adaption was the taiwanese version.... Anyways, it's got it's moments of being extremely funny which is the upside of this drama..if they ever make it again, I truly hope they give the female a bit more intelligence and a bit of a life beyond running around after the male lead. I have been a keen follower of Itazura na Kiss since the first Jdrama to Manga Anime and all version of live action drama, this is one of the greatest production! I am english and have never watched a Japanese production before.

and wether the rumor is true or not, I wish there will be a second season for this drama. I've always been waiting for the next episodes of this drama. I can't even begin to explain how freaking happy I am.

It's one thing to be stupid, but another to overdo it and make Class F almost mentally-challenged like how the other versions always portray them.

I lose count of kisses in Mischievous Kiss, but in Playful Kiss you can count with only one hand. I may not know how to speak, understand and read Japanese but I learn by watching. The actores in this drama (Love in Tokyo) are good but i think that they lack passion!! I still can't get past the writers making the female lead character so dumb.

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I admit that I thought it will not be great as what I feel right now.

I first watched the Playful Kiss (Korean Version) and I'm so inlove with it.

Kotoko was quieter and had more self-importance in this version too, which I freaking loved.