Guide to online dating messages that get responses

23-Jul-2017 16:34

Well, if you spam your ex girlfriend with text messages then you will become this to her.

Yes, it is true that a lot of women loved to be chased. Sending Hateful/Mean/Rude Messages To Your Girlfriend Ok, you are on this page because you want your ex girlfriend back right?

Look, I am going to get bold here and say that never before has a guide this in-depth been created (and given out for free on the internet) for men wanting to understand exactly what to text to their ex girlfriends.

However, with that being said there is a flaw with this guide, that’s all that it covers.

You don’t freak out because like I said women are emotional creatures. So, I think it’s best if you manage your expectations when it comes to texting.

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This page has one goal, to teach you everything you will ever need to know about texting.However, you start bordering on the pathetic when you send your ex 20 text messages back to back to back. So, explain to me your reasoning behind sending someone, who you desperately want back, really mean messages that could potentially drive them away? I have been angry before and have said stuff I really didn’t mean to just get a “shot” in but the thing you have to understand about people is that they typically gravitate towards things that make them feel good.