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Nevertheless, Sheriff could breakaway from Nistru for 17 points.

It was the first time our team won the championship with such confidence.

The current Champion and Winner of Moldova Cup began the season without swinging.

As a result, the team finished the first round on the top with an advantage of 9 points over Zimbru – the eightfold Champion of Moldova.

On 4 April 1997, the sports club of the same name was established and headed by Company President Victor Gushan.

The team was entrusted with the task to enter the National Division of the Championship of Moldova. Aleskerov, an experienced tutor and former master who had worked with clubs of Soviet football top league, was appointed as the head coach.

Having won in their group, in play-off mathces our lads one by one beat 3-0 FBC Kaunas in quarterfinal, 1-0 Locomotiv Moscow in semi-final and 2-1 Sconto Riga in final.

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a day that went down in history of FC Sheriff as a golden date: the final match for Moldova Cup between Constructorul and Sheriff.

The most successful season for the Club on the international scene.