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None of this matters to the tourist, who's likely to think a Romansh street sign or newspaper headline is written in mispelled Italian.Do you need to learn Romansh in any of its many flavors before you visit Canton Graubnden? But you'll amaze the locals if you're able to use even a smattering of the local dialect--so make up a cheat sheet with these basic expressions in the Ladin spoken by natives of St.It provides an atmospheric view of the multiple connotations of the terms of that language by collecting excerpts from primary texts of sensibility and scattering them among twenty four key terms.

The courses which people are sent on are absolutely rubbish and they certainly won't be that high of a success rate on people becoming employed because of there courses.

The language encompasses the dialects of Puter, Vallader, Jauer, Surmiran, Sutsilvaun, and Sursilvaun, together with Ladin (spoken around Bolzano and Cortina in Italy's Dolomites) and Friulaner (used by some 500,000 people along the Adriatic coast north of Venice).

To make matters more complicated, the term "Ladin" is also applied to the Puter, Vallader, and Jauer dialects of Switzerland's Engadine.

The language is based on the so-called vulgar Latin, or "people's Latin," with influences from Etruscan, Celtic, and other languages spoken by early settlers in the mountain valleys of what are now the Grisons and Italy's South Tirol.

It was officially recognized as Switzerland's fourth language on February 20, 1938, and was formalized as the written language of Rumauntsch in 1982.

Rudolf Candrian, Altschuldirektor in Basel with Prof. It includes phrases in Ladin (spoken in the Engadine) and Sursilvan (Western Graubnden).

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