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Others have since gone and taken video footage of the sites that are now in videos and television programs.The most recent is a video entitled “The Exodus Revealed” by Lennart Moller. He basically uses Ron Wyatt’s material and follows his ideas.Also note that part of northeastern Sinai was Amalakite territory (Mattingly 1992). When my article came out, I realized that I had not adequately documented the thesis that Edom is also on the west side of the Aravah.The second inaccurate assumption is the claim that Mt. Most scholars would agree that Midian is in the area of northwest Saudi Arabia, and even part of southern Jordan. My assertion initially came 20 years ago from a friend and fellow student at the Institute of Holy Land Studies in Jerusalem, Bruce Crew. At my request, Bruce wrote a follow-up article for .This view is diametrically opposite to the point of view, according to which the southern limits of Gaza, the southernmost city along the coast of Philistia, and the edges of the urban settlements on its eastern side were thought of as the southern border of Canaan, the intervening desert of Sinai being regarded by the northerners as part of Egypt. ,31; ), with the borders clearly delineated as going from the Arnon to the Jabbok (Num. 33:2; Judges 5:4; and Habakkuk 3:3 (Franz 2000: 107). Paran and Teman are located in present day Jordan or even Saudi Arabia.In the Late Bronze Age, as the Egyptians came into closer contact with the north, they also became aware of the fact that the Sinai desert was not part of Canaan. Each time it is used of a specific geo-political entity, a kingdom, nation or tribal area. In my article, I suggested that Teman was at or near Kuntillet ‘Ajrud, Mt.

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Second, the paper disputes the false assumptions by the proponents of Jebel al-Lawz.

Third, the paper examines the archaeological evidence...