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There are certain women in Hollywood who seem to just get better with age and Sharon Stone tops the list.The Basic Instinct actress covers this month's Italian GQ and quite frankly she puts starlets half her age to shame.In the area incorporating Val Cavallina, Val Calepio, Alto and Basso Sebino, the lakes are marked by more distinctive, geographical outlines, and the surrounding hills and peaks with their own particular environmental features contain within a wealth of historic and artistic heritage.The streets of Bergamo, surrounded by city walls and nestled on a hill, retain the look of a Medieval village, enclosed by its strong walls built by the Venetians in the 16th Century when the the most Serene Republic was at the height of its power; more than three centuries of prosperity and economic development have left their mark in the monuments, institutions and the character of its people.

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The Accademia Carrara, one of the most important art galleries in all of Italy, must not be missed, along with Teatro Donizetti, dedicated to the most illustrious citizen of Bergamo, Gaetano Donizetti, and where famous works are performed.Bike paths are also bountiful in Bergamo Province, with 124 miles' worth traversing many of its most evocative and inspiring sights and locations.Bergamo is a land boasting a varied and tasty range of gastronomic products: from cheeses and desserts to cured pork meats to polenta, culinary delights exist to satisfy every palate.For winter sports enthusiasts, the ski resorts of Orobica in the Alpine foothills offer snowboarding, ice skating and ski slopes for holidays with the best in sport, nature and high-quality services.

Those who prefer a holiday devoted to health and fitness amidst the fresh air and beauty of the mountains should head for the Sant'Omobono Terme in the lush Imagna Valley.

From Cara Delevingne to Olivia Palermo, anyone worth their fashion salt seems to have a pair and despite Sharon's shoes being unavailable to buy online, click on the right to buy a similar pair or see our choice of platforms below.