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If we are able to collect enough evidence of possible IRS violations, your tips along with our own research may be used to file a formal complaint with the Internal Revenue Service. Salt Lake Tribune - Would LDS Church influence Romney if president?Gawker - Did Mitt Romney Convert His Dead Atheist Father-in-Law to Mormonism?Buxtorf (Talt mudic Lexicon) tells us that about the time of Christ this title arose in the School of Hillel, and was given to only seven of their wise men who were preeminent for their learning.Jahn (Biblical Archeology, page 106) says that Gamaliel, the preceptor of Saint Paul, was one of these.In that Lodge he delivered, in 1818, a course of lectures on ancient and modern initiations, which twenty years afterward were repeated at the request of the Lodge, and published in 1841, under the title of Cours Philosophique et Interpratif ales Initiations Anciennes et Moderns.This work was printed with the express permission of the Grand Orient of France, but three years after that body denounced its second edition for containing some additional matter Rebold charges this act to the petty passions of the day, and twenty-five years after the Grand Orient made ample reparation in the honor that it paid to the memory of Ragon.Kolob has never been identified with any modern astronomical object and is not recognized as an ancient concept by modern Egyptology.

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The fifth Volume was to be appropriated to the investigation of other secret associations, more or less connected with Freemasonry; and the sixth and last volume was to contain 3 General Tiler or Manual of all the known rites and Degrees.

The eighteenth letter in the English and other Western alphabets- The word Resh signifies forehead and in the Phenician and hieroglyphic character is presented as in the illustration. Its numerical value is 900, and the equivalent as a name of God is Rahum, signifying clemency.

The system of philosophy taught by the Jewish Rabbis subsequent to the dispersion, which is engaged in mystical explanations of the oral law.

Such a work would have been an inestimable boon to the Masonic student, but Ragon unfortunately began it too late in life.

He did not live to complete it, and in 1868 the unfinished manuscript was purchased, by the Grand Orient of Franee, from his heirs for a thousand francs.

She turned herself, and saith unto him, Rabboni, which is to say, Master." The Masonie myth in the Most Excellent Master's Degree, that it was the title addressed by the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon on beholding the magnificence and splendor of the Temple, lacks the element of plausibility, inasmuch as the word was not in use in the time of Solomon.

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