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Whimsical though he may be, he is someone to be taken seriously.See also the character profile at the official Roald Dahl website. Wonka is an Interpretative Character to rival a certain Time Lord, further details about his personality in each major adaptation are summarized along with respective tropes..Because Technology Marches On, his interests are expanded to include all forms of potentially mind-rotting electronic media in later adaptations.The last brat to be eliminated from the tour when he decides he wants to be "sent by television" via the Television-Chocolate setup. Jack Albertson (1971 film) David Kelly (2005 film) Keith Jameson (2010 opera's 2012 recording) Nigel Planer (2013 musical's Original London Cast Recording) John Rubinstein (2017 Broadway Retool of the musical) Jess Harnell (Charlie Bucket lives in a Multigenerational Household with his parents and both sets of grandparents.Well, during the time his factory was closed, he discovered a tribe of doll-sized people in faraway Loompaland, a Death World of carnivorous beasts.When he learned that the Oompa-Loompas loved cacao beans (the basis of chocolate), he offered them jobs in his factory with payment in the form of said beans, and they all took him up on it.On a side note, the band Veruca Salt is named after her.

Of the four, Grandpa Joe — who is fascinated by Wonka's Factory and knows all the stories that surround it — is the most hopeful that Charlie will find a Golden Ticket.Drowning turns out to be the Julie Dawn Cole (1971 film) Julia Winter (2005 film) Abigail Nims (2010 opera's 2012 recording) Tia Noakes (2013 musical's Original London Cast Recording) Emma Pfaeffle (2017 Broadway Retool of the musical) Emily O'Brien ( she wants.Notably, she didn't find the ticket on her own — rather, her father (who runs a peanut factory) had his employees "shell" thousands of Wonka Bars until one of them found a ticket.She is the third child to be eliminated from the tour when her attempt to steal a trained, nut-sorting squirrel from The Nut Room ends with her tossed down a rubbish chute that leads to an incinerator that may or may not be lit today.

(Her parents go down it as well when they try to save her, making them the only parents to face a poetic comeuppance in the factory.) Traditionally portrayed as British in adaptations.Sugar and ice, as opposed to spice...that's what the most intimidating Wonka to date is made of.

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